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Welcome to the Samsung Experience your first choice to discover the latest Samsung’s inventions! A place to explore our latest range, learn more about your device, get expert advise and receive technical support. Exclusive sneak peeks of our newest products and other great events are happening all the time.
The possibilities are endless.

Samsung Products: Discover the possibilities

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Discover and buy our latest products. See it, feel it, touch it, in store. Expect the highest product quality when you purchase a genuine Samsung accessory. Specifically designed to comply with our quality and reliability standards, Samsung accessories have been tested and approved for use on Samsung products to give you the best experience possible.

Smart Academy : We wish to be a part of your life

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Everyone can learn

Every Smart Academy class is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

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New device or long-term user

Whether you've just bought a device or used it for months you can learn something new.

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Discover all the key features

Each class tells you about a device's core features such as Pop-up Play or Multi-Window.

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Ask your own questions

Each class is unique with an opportunity provided to find answers to your own queries.

Smart Service : Expect the unexpected

In-store software updates

We can help you keep your device up-to-date with the latest operating system.

Help with getting set up

Get free installation or set-up for a range of TVs at home and PCs in-store, along with tutorials or demonstrations.

A range of repairs offered

We can replace components like your screen, USB port, earpiece/headphone jack, speaker, SIM/SD slot and main motherboard.

Fast off-site repairs

When more intensive repairs are needed, we aim to offer collection within only 5 working days.

Information of this page is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact (Phone: 1-800-10-SAMSUNG) for more accurate information.

Samsung Home Innovation

Samsung understands, more than anyone else, how innovative technology, beautifully designed, can change lives for the better.
We believe that great innovation is about more than what a product does, it’s also about how it does it. Form and function blended together to create incredible experiences.
For Samsung great innovation starts at home, so we have partnered with Kelly Hoppen MBE - a globally renowned designer and entrepreneur with an iconic neutral style. To create a vision of the perfect living environment, where technology and design come together to create something extraordinary.
We call it the Samsung Innovation Home and it is available today at Harrods.

Samsung Products: Discover the possibilities

Intelligent washing machines

that can be controlled by a smart-phone, machines with ecobubble technology that clean clothes as well in cool water as they do in hot, that have special drums which prevent your precious clothes from being damaged when washed. Machines that reduce noise and vibration to a minimum
– so silent, so efficient, you won’t know they are there.


with internal space that can be re - arranged to meet the needs of any occasion you can imagine, compartments so flexible, they can be converted from fridge to freezers at the touch of a button. Fridges that let you set multiple temperatures for different compartments ensuring food stays fresh for longer. All in a beautiful, fluid design where every detail
– from the gorgeous recessed handles, to the smooth brushed steel finish has been carefully considered.

All of this amazing technology, together, in one perfect space designed by Kelly Hoppen, a sleek luxury environment designed for relaxation, dining, work and play. Contrasting textures of wood, lacquer, metal and glass combine with Samsung products to delight and inspire.
This is our vision. Experienced by you.