How do I connect to a nearby device using Quick Connect on my Samsung Galaxy S5?

How do I connect to a nearby device using Quick Connect on my Samsung Galaxy S5?

Last updated: 3 April, 2014


You can use the Quick connect feature to easily search and connect to nearby devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, which will allow you to quickly and easily share content between devices.


Note: ensure that the devices to be connected support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct connections.


1.    From the Home screen on your Galaxy S5 drag down the status bar and then tap Quick connect.




2.    On the device you wish to connect to, in this example a Galaxy Note 3, tap Apps and then tap Settings.




3.    Tap Connections, and then tap the slider next to Wi-Fi (if the slider is not already in the 'on' position). Note that if you're connecting with a device other than a Galaxy Note 3 the steps to activate Wi-Fi may be a little different to this.




4.    Tap Wi-Fi Direct. Your device will begin scanning for the Galaxy S5.




5.    From the Home screen on the Galaxy S5 tap Apps and then tap Settings.




6.    Scroll down to the Network Connections section and then tap Wi-Fi.




7.    Touch the Wi-Fi slider to to activate Wi-Fi (if the slider isn't already in the 'on' position), tap the Menu icon in the top right corner and then tap Wi-Fi Direct.




8.    Tap on the device to which you wish to connect, (which in this case is the Galaxy Note 3).




9.    Tap Connect when the "Invitation to connect" window appears. The Galaxy S5 and the target device will then connect.



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