Remote PC-Installing the Agent on the PC

Remote PC-Installing the Agent on the PC

 Q : How do I access Remote PC ?


A : To access remote PC you need to install the “Agent” on the PC.
And PC you wish to access remotely should be on.



Step1. Installing the Agent on the PC

1. Go to URL on your PC, and tap Sign in.


2. Sign in using your Samsung account (ID, Password) ]



3. Click ‘Install agent’ to install agent program, then register PC and Agent PW. 

    Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a display name for the computer, proxy settings, and password. 

    Registration information for the computer will be uploaded to the Samsung server via the Internet.


4. If installation is completed, the Agent icon will be enabled on the PC taskbar.






Step 2. Controlling the PC on your tablet

1. Run the Remote PC app in your Galaxy Tab S.


2. Tap Check Connection (Refresh) to check the connection between the device and the computer. – then tap ON computer


3. Enter the password for the connection and tap OK.

4. The connection is made and you can control the computer remotely on the device.






Step 3. Using the Remote PC app


After connecting the devices, you can view and control your computer’s screen on the device.
You can also open or edit files in the computer and transfer them to the device.




Tap the “menu” icon at the bottom of the screen to access further functions as shown below:


  1) Display the mouse pointer on the device’s screen. 
  2) Open the keyboard to enter text in the selected text field. 
  3) Open the file manager to search for files and transfer files between the connected devices. 
  4) Lock the device’s screen to disable the zoom and scroll functions. 
  5) Switch between two monitors when the computer is connected to dual monitors. 
  6) Change the sync settings. 
  7) Close the connection between the device and the computer

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