How do I charge my Samsung Galaxy Note5 fast?

Last Update date : 2016.04.06

How do I charge my Samsung Galaxy Note5 fast?



Adaptive Fast Charging recharges your Samsung Galaxy Note5 up to 50% in about 30 minutes.* 



*Based on laboratory testing. Results may vary. Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, vibrate mode, backlight settings, browser use, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other applications' usage patterns.



Important! Adaptive Fast Charging is designed to specifically work with the charger that came with your device or the Adaptive Fast Charging Vehicle Charger, which can be purchased from The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and Samsung Wireless Charging Pad mini do not support Adaptive Fast Charging. 





Use Adaptive Fast Charging




1.      Plug the supplied USB connector into the power/accessory interface connector on the bottom of your device.


2.      Plug the wall charger into an electrical outlet. It may be necessary to connect the USB cable to the charging head before you can plug it into an electrical outlet. Fully charging the battery can take just 100 minutes with Adaptive Fast Charging.*


3.      To ensure your device is fast charging, open the Notification Panel by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom and look for the Fast charging notification. A Fast charging message will also display when your device is turned off during fast charging.


Note: If the notification shows Cable charging, instead of Fast charging, the device is not using an Adaptive Fast Charging wall charger. Use the charging head that was included in the box with your device.





Identify the Adaptive Charger


You can charge your device using any Samsung approved charger, but it will charge much more quickly using the Adaptive Fast Charger supplied with your device.


You can identify the Adaptive Fast Charger by the following attributes:


·         The front of the charger displays Adaptive Fast Charging



·         The back of the charger also displays Adaptive Fast Charging.



Best Practices for Battery Charging


The following guidelines can help you charge your battery properly and safely: 


  1. Turn off your device while it is charging.
  2. Verify that you are using the Samsung USB/charging cable and Adaptive Fast Charger included with your device, not third-party accessories.
  3. Ensure the USB/charging cable is connected securely and is not being blocked by a cover or case.
  4. Check whether a battery or charging indicator appears on the device's display when the USB/charging cable is plugged in.
  5. Charge using a wall outlet, not a computer.
  6. When the battery is fully charged, disconnect the device from the USB/charging cable.


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