How to use Screen Burn Protection and Energy Saving Function

Last Update date : 2017.11.24

How to use Screen Burn Protection and Energy Saving Functions

 Protect the screen from screen burn-in and reduce the TV's energy consumption.


Preventing screen burn


 • Settings > System > Expert Settings > Auto Protection Time

Still images can leave burned-in after-images if left on the screen for a long period of time.

Select a time setting from the list. If a still image is shown on the screen for longer than the time that you selected, the TV automatically activates the Screen Burn Protection function.


Reducing the energy consumption of the TV

 • Settings > System > Eco Solution

You can adjust the brightness level of the TV and prevent overheating to reduce overall power consumption.


Eco Sensor

 Automatically adjusts the brightness level of the TV, according to the ambient light level, to reduce power consumption. If the Eco Sensor has adjusted the screen's brightness level, you can select Min. Backlight to manually adjust the minimum screen brightness.


Energy Saving Mode

Allows you to select a brightness setting from the list to reduce the TV's power consumption.


Motion Lighting

Adjusts the brightness in response to on-screen movements to reduce power consumption.

 >This Feature is only available when the Picture Mode is set to Standard


Auto Power Off

Automatically turns off the TV to prevent overheating when the TV remains on for four hours without any user input.





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