During call on my Galaxy S8 device, receiving sound is not heard clearly with crackling and is broken irregularly. Also, volume is low. Why is this?

Last Update date : 2017.05.19

If receiving sound during call is not heard clearly or broken irregularly, firstly please check

whether you attach Samsung-unapproved protector accessories covering perfectly all parts on

Galaxy S8 device’s back.


Some of Samsung-unapproved protector accessories like films, covers, vinyl which attach on

device back side cover even Camera, Flash, HRM sensor and this causes to block the Air Path inside the device.


Due to blocking of Air Path, receiving sound is not heard clearly or broken irregularly, and volume may be also low.


Please  keep in mind not to use Samsung-unapproved protector accessories covering Camera,

Flash, HRM sensor.


As using unapproved accessories may cause the performance problems and malfunctions that

are not covered by the warranty, we recommend to use only Samsung-approved accessories.


Additionally, If the device has been immersed in water or speaker is wet, sound may not be heard clearly during a call because water may get in the speaker hole during exposure underwater.


If upper phenomenon happens or the device gets wet after getting out the water, firstly please

wipe device smoothly with a dry, soft cloth and keep putting during certain period of time to dry it

thoroughly before using device.


Additionally for faster drying of water from speaker, it will help that you hold the device while

speaker of device is facing down and shake device smoothly a few times to remove remaining



Despite this, when some moisture remains on Mesh in front speaker, sound may not be still

heard clearly.


At this time, as this moisture can be also removed by speaker vibration during call, please check

the device’s sound state while making call for a period of time.


If you are still having trouble with the sound after trying these tips, please visit the Samsung

Service Centre nearest you.



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