How to check the right capacity of stabilizer for Air conditioner?

Last Update date : 2012.02.26


Refer to this article to check the right capacity of stabilizer for Air Conditioner

Due to high voltage possibility of damage to the electrical parts is more. AC will not start if line voltage is low. In Air conditioner, the main part is compressor which is working on 180~260 volt range. To protect it from voltage fluctuation we suggest you to use stabilizer as per capacity chart given below.


There are two types of voltage stabilizers available in market, one is Floor mount and other is wall mount.

    These stabilizers are available with digital and analog, input and output voltage reading meter.

    • To protect the compressor there are 3 min delay start. (with instant start switch)

    • These are available in I II III steps, as per power input supplied to AC.

These steps are related to starting voltage of stabilizer:


    Capacity of AC (ton)

    Stabilizer  (KVA)


    0.5~0.8 ton

    2 KVA


    1.0~1.2 ton

    3 KVA


    1.2~1.6 ton

    4 KVA


    2.0 ~2.5 ton

    5 KVA


    3 ton

    6 KVA


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