Samsung TV's Speakers Are Rattling, Buzzing, Humming, or Popping.

Last Update date : 2017.09.06

The following conditions can cause your TV's speakers to rattle, buzz, hum, or pop:

  • Loose or incorrectly connected cables
  • Defective or broken cables
  • A defective device connect to the TV (DVD Player, Game Console, etc...)
  • A problem with the TV itself

Determining the cause of the issue can be accomplished using different troubleshooting.

Testing A Different Source

press the SOURCE button on the remote control or TV to change to a different source.

  • If the noise disappears after changing the source, then the problem is caused by the connected device or the cables. Disconnect the connecting cables from both the TV and the device, and then reconnect them. Ensure they are connected securely to the properly ports. If the problem persists after reconnecting the cable, replace the cable or contact the device's manufacturer for further troubleshooting.
  • If the noise continues after changing the source, then the problem is caused by the TV, and the TV must be repaired.

Using The Self Diagnosis Function

If your TV was manufactured in or after 2009 you will have a Self Diagnosis function built into your TV. This can be accessed in the Support section of the Main Menu.

2011 Ace GUI

2009 - 2011 Neo GUI

Self Diagnosis will allow you to perform a sound test to test the internal speakers of the TV.

  • If this test passes then your TV's speakers are working properly and the problem is with the connection wires or the external device itself. Try replacing the wires connecting the external device to the TV or contact the external devices manufacturer for further support.
  • If this test fails your TV will require service.

Muting The TVs Speakers

Although less conclusive than the other possible troubleshooting muting your speakers can determine the source of the problem sometimes. Press the MUTE button on your Samsung remote control and mute the TV's speakers.

  • If the noise continues it is not caused by the TV's speakers but by an external device or a component in the TV itself. Determine the source of the noise. If the noise is from the TV your TV will require service.
  • If the noise stops it is confirmed that the sound is coming from your TVs speakers. Although this noise could be caused by the external device or the connection wires. Try other troubleshooting to determine if the source of the noise.

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