An Overview Of Allshare

Last Update date : 2013.06.27

Allshare is Samsungs name for the DLNA feature on your TV. Using this feature you can stream Music, Picture, and Videos* from a DLNA server** device directly to your TV. To do this you will need the following.

  1. Your TV with the AllShare feature connected to your home network.
  2. Your DLNA server connected to your home network.

    Note: NAS devices are not supported by Samsung. 3rd party software may allow the TV to stream from these devices, however Samsung does not support NAS devices.

  1. Media Sharing enabled on you DLNA server
  2. UPnP enabled on your router.
  3. Compatible Media.

Although it is not required to use Samsung's Allshare software we can only fully troubleshoot a streaming error if you are using Samsung's Allshare software. However, there are many devices that come with DLNA certified programs for sharing media such as, Windows Media Play 11 & 12, Twonkey, TVercity, iMedia Share, SmartStor Fusion Stream, and others

Important: Samsung does not support, recommend, or endorse any of these 3rd party application and are show here only as an example of other DLNA sharing software.

If you have all the components needed to use Allshare there are a few basic things to remember about Allshare:

  • Allshare cannot be used to wirelessly display your devices screen on the TV. When browsing for media you will only see the folders, sub folders, and compatible media thumbnails displayed on the screen.
  • The TVs sharing cannot be disabled, you can block devices from connecting to the TV but the TV is always searching for new media servers on the network. If your TV cannot see the DLNA server it is usually because the server is not set properly to share content.

* Dependant on model.

** With the proper DLNA certificates.

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