STEP 1 SD card is not registering

Last Update date : 2014.06.20

Sometimes the card will not register. At all times when inserting and ejecting card, ensure that the "push, release/click" motion is carried out. Go through these steps to try to resolve the problem.


Trying turning the camera off, taking the card out and re-inserting it. Turn the camera back on.


Engage/release motion 


Again, ensure that when ejecting the card, it's pushed in first (small orange arrow) then it will release itself. Then pull the card out.


When inserting the card, push it in and release ensuring that the "push & click" motion is carried out. It should engage itself in the correct position.


If you do not notice the "push & click" motion, the camera's SD slot may be damaged. Camera will need repairing if this is the case.

Check that the "Write Protect" switch is in the correct position.


Position of write protect switch 


It should be up, as pictured.

Connect the SD card into a computer/PC using a media card reader.


If you have an Anti-Virus program, scan the drive in which the card appears in. If the results detect a virus, try to use the program to resolve it. Insert the card in the camera and format it.


If it does not find any infected items, try inserting the card again and formatting it.


If you do not have an Anti-Virus programs, try a normal OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) scan.

Before formatting the card, please ensure that all photos/data are backed up onto another device.


Insert the card into the camera and through the menu, select "Format Card". It's always better to format the card within the camera.


If you find a "Delete All" option, this is different to format and unlikely to resolve any problems.

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