STEP 1 Battery Life Troubleshooting for Smart Phones

Last Update date : 2014.06.20

Gives guide on 5 major causes of battery drain

Check the following:

Go into Settings > About phone > Battery usage to find out what has been using the battery.

Touch the graph shown at the top of the screen to display additional info.




tip 1 

Check Display Settings. 


Long screen time out settings or high display brightnes will increase battery drain.


Advise the customer to set screen time out to 30 seconds or lower  and display brightness to auto to optimize the battery usage time.




 screen time out and brightness 



NOTE: The User Interface may vary from operating system version (eg, gingerbread, IceCream Sandwich, Honeycomb, or Jellybean) but the idea of saving battery  remains the same

Check the applications the user is using. The battery is draining fast with respect to the CPU usage in which it is affected by running applications.


Close all Running applications specially the unused applications.



running apps 




Clearing the RAM may help also. Refer to Step 2 above and Select RAM. Clear the memory to end unclosed apps and utilities running on the background.



                                        clear the RAM 






Power saving: Application > settings > Power saving > custom power saving mode.

Here the customer can tailor battery usage to their lifestyle.




                                                    tip 2 

Please check how many signal bars is shown on the mobile phone.


Note that it is normal to have a fast drain if the signal is low as the device is working harder to find more stable signal. It is better to be in the place with good signal reception to save more battery power.




                                                    signal check 




Note: If in case the signal is always low anywhere specially if compared with the same model in the same area, please visit the nearest local Samsung Authorized Service Center in your area.




In the Quick Panel (drag your fingers from top to bottom), you may control Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS by tapping their icons and enabling you to switch it on and off in fast manner.



                                                        quick panel 



This RF functionalities drains the battery faster and it consumes batter power even if not in use. Hence, just switch it off.



quick panel 2



Note that frequent use of camera, playing of games and applications, as well as viewing pictures and videos continuously will surely drain the battery faster compared to not using the device.


Internet usage via wifi or 3G will drain the battery faster also.

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