Antenna/ Cable connection method for Samsung TV

Antenna/ Cable connection method for Samsung TV


Step 1: Connect an antenna or direct RF (Coax) cable line to the input on the back of the TV.




Step 2: With the TV on, press MENU on your remote to bring up the Main Menu. Then, press Down () arrow button to select the Channel Menu, and then press ENTER.


Important: If the Channel Menu is grayed out, you must exit the menu and then press the SOURCE button on your remote until you are set to the TV source.





Step 3: Press the down () arrow button to select Auto Tuning, and then press ENTER.




Step 4: The on-screen instructions will appear on the TV, This will warn you that performing an auto tuning will erase your previously saved channel information and will confirm you will like to start or cancel. Select Start and press ENTER to continue.




Step 5: Use the Up () or Down () arrow to highlight either Air, Cable or something’s and then press ENTER. Next will be highlighted press ENTER again to continue.




Step 6: If you select channel, the TV memorizes all stations first and then removes scrambled channels. This process can take over 20 minutes.





Step 7: When the Auto Tuning is complete, press ENTER to begin watching TV.



If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please chat with our experienced technical team online.


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