How to download software/Firmware?

How to download software/Firmware?


You can download the Software/Firmware for MP3 device on our web site anytime.

    1.  Visit the Samsung web Site.(

    2.  Go to download center.

    3.  Find your model name which you want.

    4.  Download Software program.

What Is Firmware?

    Firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device that allows reading and executing the software, but does not allow modification such as writing or deleting data by the end user. In an MP3 Player, CD Recorder, DVD Player, etc.. firmware is the programming instructions contained on a ROM chip within the device which tells the device how to respond to commands issued by software. Some firmware is flash-upgradeable, meaning that you can upgrade the firmware by running a piece of software on the computer attached to the device.

Why Would I Need To Upgrade My Firmware?

    Firmware upgrades are released for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes problems with a device aren't found until after the product's been released on the market.  Problems could be conflicts with software or operating systems or directly related to the device such as not powering on or shutting itself off. Engineers can resolve most issues by correcting the firmware which in turn allows for a "quick fix" by the end user who can upgrade the firmware on their own. Firmware is also used to add new features such as games, calculator, etc.

You can view the firmware version of your MP3 Player at the initial startup screen when you power on the player or by accessing. [Menu > system > About] on your player.

Firmware upgrades may:

    •   Provide new features such as Bluetooth support.

    •   Support new file types or schemes.

    •   Include user customizable options such as font type, size and color.

    •   Correct background noise, audio dropout, etc…Firmware updates and instructions are available in the Download Center.

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