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Open Galaxy S5 Key Visual

The main image depicts a software upgrade through “Firmware over the Air” or FOTA which is available on 3G and 4G Data Networks and Wi-Fi networks.

FOTA (Firmware Over
The Air)

You can update the handset software
"Over The Air" without connection to PC
Available both data networks (3G/4G) and
Wi-Fi networks (If data networks, downloading
may incur additional charges)

How to Use

Applications > Settings > About Phone > Software update > Check for update


Before upgrading your phone via FOTA, ensure requirements

  • - Stable network status (3G / 4G or Wi-Fi)
  • - Do not remove the battery during upgrade
  • - Enough battery capacity (More than 50%)
  • - No rooted-phone
  • - Enough memory space (At least 100MB in USB storage)