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Samsung Electronics Accessibility Statement

Samsung Electronics is committed to a world where every user and customer, including people with disabilities or impairments, can communicate across borders and enjoy a better life. Our products, content and services reflect a corporate philosophy that embraces human diversity. We continuously work to increase the accessibility of our products and Web sites for users and we make every effort to ensure that our products and services are convenient for all customers, including the disabled, elderly or impaired.

We develop innovative technologies that broaden accessibility for everyone.

Building on long-term research and development, we are improving the convenience and accessibility of our smart devices, smart TVs, home appliances and cameras for the disabled. Our advanced technologies for face recognition, motion recognition, voice communications and more have evolved because of our commitment to creating products that support emotional experiences and address the needs of all customers. We continue to develop technologies for the blind and visually impaired and for the physically challenged and aged so that every user has wide-ranging access to information and knowledge and can easily communicate with family and society.

We build an online content environment that is convenient for every user.

In accordance with the best practices and standards described by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI), we are developing online content that is quickly and easily accessible to everyone, despite disabilities or impairments, and regardless of computing platform, operating system or browser. Our corporate Web site,,* has been developed to improve accessibility for users with differing kinds and degrees of disabilities or impairments, including accommodation for screen-reading programs, step-by-step guides to magnify text or adjust screen size, contrast options that enhance legibility and more. Samsung Electronics continues to make our Web text and multimedia content environment more accessible for every user.

At Samsung Electronics, we tap a wide range of channels and experts to learn about additional features and options that can improve accessibility for impaired and disabled users. We welcome your feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know via the “Contact us” pages on Samsung Electronics Web sites. We want to hear your ideas about broader and better accessibility.

*Note: Samsung is not responsible for the accessibility of third-party sites, such as Facebook, corporate blogs, social network channels and share buttons or customer review services, which may be linked from (

Samsung's Way to Help Your Accessibility

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