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I want to control the mouse with my keyboard.

Using your keyboard to control the mouse in Windows 7 and Vista

Ease of Access Center has replaced Accessibility Options in the ' Control Panel '.

Open Ease of Access Center press ' Windows ' logo key + ' U ' or click Start button ' Control Panel ' + ' Ease of Access ' + ' Ease of Access Center '.

' Tab ' to and press ' Enter ' or click to select ' Make the keyboard easier to use ' under Explore all settings.

Mouse Keys enables you to use the numeric keypad on a standard keyboard as a three button mouse, see Fig 1.

Fig 1

Mouse Buttons.jpg

Press ' Alt ' + ' M ' or click to select ' Turn on Mouse Keys', to customise click to select ' Setup Mouse Keys ' or press ' Alt ' + ' Y '.

You can turn on the keyboard shortcut Alt + left Shift + Num Lock, to allow you to turn on and off the Mouse keys as you need to use them. To use this option, click to select or press ' Alt ' + ' K ', see Fig 2.

Fig 2

Mousekeys Shortcut

You can turn on a visual warning ' Alt ' + ' A ' when Mouse keys is turn on or click to play a sound ' Alt ' + ' U ' when it is turned on or off.

Pointer speeds when using Mouse Keys can be tailored to suit your needs by slowing down or speeding up the rate which it moves, see Fig 3.

Fig 3

mousekeys Pointer Speed

Press ' Alt ' + ' W ' or click to select the option to alter these settings, by using the Ctrl key to speed up and Shift to slow down the mouse pointer.

Top Speed is the maximum speed of the pointer when the mouse key direction key is held down.

Acceleration is how quickly the mouse pointer accelerates to its maximum speed.

Under Other Settings click to select to Use Mouse Keys when the Num Lock is selected or when NUM LOCK is Off, see Fig 4.

Press ' Alt ' + ' N ' to Use Mouse Keys when NUM LOCK is On.

Press ' Alt ' + ' O ' to Use Mouse Keys NUM LOCK is Off.

Fig 4

mouse keys other settings

Click on Save or press ' Alt ' + ' S ' to save your options.

Note: If this does not work it could be because your computer settings cannot be changed due to local IT policies - contact your local IT support for further help.

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