Poseidon big ( Silver Nano) copy

Emotional copy - Imagine a washing machine as precious as a diamond
Rational copy - Diamond Drum, Premium Top Loader
Overview - Samsung’s super size Poseidon Big washers provide ample room to wash and care for all your loads of laundry. Packed with Samsung’s proprietary technologies, they guarantee outstanding washing performance, better clothing care, increased time savings and greater convenience.

What is Diamond Drum?

With the Diamond Drum, the holes are both 25% smaller and located deep within each diamond-shaped depression to prevent fabrics from sticking out and consequently being damaged.The Diamond Drum, with its embossed washboard surface, was shown in tests to reduce the textile area exposed to the harmful effects of washing by conventional washing machine drums by a tremendous 34%.

Wider display

A wider display area gives you a clear view of every function and it allows you to see the current washing stage at a glance.

Easy-open cover

Our handy, hinged door opens in one fluid movement. The large, clear viewing window also allows you to check the status of your laundry.

Mist Shower water conserving

Mist Shower providing for a cleaner, more effective washing and rinsing cycle using less water.

imagine a washing machine as precious as a diamond

What does a diamond remind you of? The diamond ring is the symbol of everlasting promise, and Samsung's new washing machine promises a reliable diamond-like satisfaction with the high-quality washing performance and fantastic cleaning power of Ag+ Technology. Experience the luxury of diamond inspired cleaning in your home. With a Samsung washer, it's not that hard to imagine.

Safe Tempered Glass Door

Get a clear look at the amazing cleaning action within your washer throughthe transparent window.
-This durable and stylish design ensures both convenience and safety while allowing you to check the washing process without having to lift the door.

Ergonomic design

The control panel is designed for easeof- use allowing you to choose your wash setting in an instant.

Powerful Water Flow Effect

Samsung’s unique multi-dimensional water flow powerfully push up the clothes and helps water and detergent to go through fabrics efficiently. Experience the effective, deep clean washing performance of Samsung.
-Improves washing performance by using Samsung’s unique multi-dimensional water flow.
-Multi-dimensional water currents help you to get an effective, deep clean result than ever.

Effective detergents dissolving

A fine mist of water helps to dissolve laundry detergents more effectively, ensuring less residue on your fine fabrics. Mist Shower grants you better washing performance and saves your money.

Product specifications, features and physical design may differ slightly by country