Imagine a compact laser printer that will fit anywhere in your office and the consistent performance that will meet all your printing needs. Samsung ML-2851ND features a sleek design that provides the freedom of convenience and space. It also fits into your bottom-line by providing reliable and economical print production. With Samsung ML-2851ND, it's not that hard to imagine.

Advanced design that redefines the modern office

What would your business look like with a small quiet laser printer that could be used anywhere? Samsung’s ML-2851ND can be placed where it is convenient for you, on your desk or at the corner of your office, and its stylish design won’t need to be hidden. The world’s smallest laser printer with built-in duplex is only 364.0 x 396.0 x 209.6mm (14.33” x 14.52” x 8.25”). Visualize all the places this compact laser could fit into your business. And imagine how the trendy stylish design will update your environment.

Reliable performer that enhances business production

With the optional second paper tray, input is more than doubled. And with a remarkable 400MHz processor combined with 32MB memory - expandable to 160MB - it’s simply fast, easy to use compact printer on the market.

Double sided printing as standard

We’ve discarded the need for bulky manuals and elaborate brochures on how to operate your printer. The ML-2851ND is innately easy to operate, and can be controlled by the touch of a single button. You'll spend more time with your clients and less time with your appliances.

Instant printing at the touch of a button

To save time in having to re-insert a printed page back into your printer, Samsung have secured the convenience of duplex printing. You can now print on both sides of the page in one simple step. Forget waiting around for your printer to do its work - you can now get on with yours.

An astounding monthly turnover

ML-2851ND has been built not only to be one of the most dependable and reliable printers currently available, it also prides itself on having one of the best output potentials in its field. At 50,000 pages per month, the ML-2851ND manages more printing capability than some of its competitors.

Low cost per page in its class

Samsung ML-2851ND achieves exceptional printing results while reducing total operating costs and realizing a low cost per page. Maximise efficiency for your business with Samsung ML-2850D.

Wired network printing

ML-2851ND offers network printing capabilities to easily connect your workplace, including an Ethernet interface capable of being cabled directly into your network.

Buyer's Lab Pick of the Year Award (USA)

As the world's largest rating agency, Buyer's Lab maintains the highest level of equipment testing and evaluation within the OA industry. The prestigious Pick of the Year Award, given by the Buyers Lab, is awarded to the best products in each category after undergoing rigorous testing.

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