SGH-D980 redefines the meaning of digital convergence. It offers the convenience of 2 mobiles in one stylish unit. Both SIM cards are constantly connecting to EDGE network signals, allowing you to have full functionality of both SIM cards. The perfect mobile companion for business travelers or those who require 2 SIM cards for personal and official use, SAMSUNG's dual standby phone simplifies your life by converging your mobile needs.

dual standby

Enjoy the convenience of being able to use 2 SIM cards with one handset. No need to juggle multiple phones; this singular mobile enables the functionality of two mobiles in one sleek unit, whether for separating business / personal lives or to use when roaming.

5 megapixel camera

Enjoy the luxury of having a 5 Megapixel camera in their mobile phone. Users never need to be caught off guard should a photo opportunity arise. Day or night, expect great photos with features like Power LED and Image Stabilization.

music player and FM radio

Music fans will benefit from the advanced music features of this mobile. Able to playback popular music formats, the embedded music player lets you download music files quickly through connectivity options; ample microSD memory can store it all. For around-the-clock news and music, the embedded FM radio offers you further entertainment.

full touch screen

Enjoy the ease with which the full touch screen operates. The TouchWiz UI brings new standards of convenience for the consumer navigating the mobile phone, from menu reorganization to a new look for the icons. Intuitive to use, the UI is so easy that users won't have to think about how to navigate the mobile; it'll all come naturally. In addition, widgets allow users to customize the standby screen in a way that suits their personal needs.


You will be able to shoot and playback video directly on your mobile. The video recorder boosts the visual dimension of the mobile experience to another level. You'll never lose the most memorable moment with video recorder and also share and enjoy the video clips.

Karakteristike i specifikacije su podlozni promenama bez prethodne najave.