A Home Entertainment Center Inside Your TV

Jan 28, 2013

A Home Entertainment Center Inside Your TV

Though the TV has long been the focal point of a typical home entertainment area, it can take a lot of additional “stuff” to keep the whole family busy. Games, toys, DVDs, and electronic accessories are just a few of the items orbiting the typical living room. But what if a feature-rich TV could help you streamline your space?

The Samsung ES7500 and ES8000 LED TVs make it easy to turn your living room into a more relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy. The elegant narrow bezel is only the beginning of the space-saving: The TV’s cutting-edge features and built-in apps not only improve your television experience, they allow you to streamline your family’s entertainment area.

Take Control of Your Space

The remote control: It’s seemingly always in your way when you’re not looking for it, and mysteriously missing when you are. Samsung’s solution? Put it in a drawer and forget about it. With Smart Interaction technology, you can use simple voice commands and motions to easily control functions such as turning the TV on or off, changing channels, accessing apps, and navigating the Web1.

Pack Away the Photo Albums

Box up the bulky books or give them to Grandma to enjoy. With today’s emphasis on social media and photo sharing, a dusty photo album seems like a relic. Samsung’s Family Story allows families to interact through cloud-based storage: sharing photos, creating slide shows, posting memos, and even scheduling events. The content can be accessed in and outside the home through smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Samsung Smart TVs.

Send the Toys to the Toy Room

Round up the kids’ toys and games and take them back to the playroom—they’ll stay plenty entertained in the living room with the Kids application, which brings together home entertainment with fun educational programs. All the content is parent-approved and kid-friendly, so even the youngest family members can keep themselves entertained.

Samsung Kids will also (children, please look away for a moment) allow parents to keep tabs on kids’ TV-watching time.

Streamline Your Space, Tone Your Body

You can put away your collection of workout DVDs: Fitness lets you get in a workout without the hassle and clutter of discs. The app offers options to suit any level of fitness, from gentle stretching and relaxation exercises right up to high-intensity cardio programs. Take your new routine on the road by connecting your smartphone to the app to monitor your activities while away from home2.

Renew Your TV Every Year

It’s all well and good to keep your space tidy, but don’t let the stress of keeping up with the latest in TV technology clean out your wallet, too. Samsung’s Smart Evolution “future-proofs” your purchase by letting you easily add and enjoy the benefits of the latest TV technology year after year without purchasing a brand new set. Using a simple slot in the back of the TV, the Samsung Evolution Kit refreshes your TV with the latest technology3.

Keep Mobile Devices Mobile

Enjoy content from your other devices, without having to connect them to the TV or even bring them into the living room. You can stream and share music, photos, movies, and other multimedia directly to your TV with AllShare Play. Built-in Wi-Fi allows access to a range of nearby compatible devices, including mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With cloud-based technology, you can also make the most of your content while away from home4.

So go ahead and streamline your space. With so many features packed inside your TV, you’ll never miss the other stuff.

1 Certain features within Smart Interaction may require Internet access. Smart Interaction may not be available in all languages, dialects, and regions.
2 Certain Smart TV features may require firmware upgrades. Fitness Service may not be available in all regions.
3 The Smart Evolution Kit is not available for purchase in 2012 and will be sold separately year-to-year from 2013 to 2016. Improvements with the purchased Smart Evolution Kit apply only to year-of-purchase levels. The Smart Evolution Kit is subject to hardware limitations.
4 Web storage requires separate registration with a third-party storage provider.