Human Connection Through a Smartphone

Jan 24, 2013

Whether you’re sharing photos, using social media sites, or simply picking up the phone to say hello, your smartphone plays an important role in helping you make human connections. Choosing a phone with the right features can enhance your social experience even further and help you stay better connected to friends and family.

Look for a smartphone with advanced features that make it easier to stay in constant contact with the people you love.

Cutting-Edge Camera

A smartphone with an advanced camera will take your photos to the next level. Several features of the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s powerful 8MP camera will help you share your best side with your nearest and dearest:

Post better photos, not more photos. The Burst Shot feature lets you capture a series of photos (6 frames per second, up to 20 frames total) to make sure you capture the ideal photo. In Best Shot mode, the camera takes a series of eight photos and then intelligently recommends the best one.

Make nighttime events pop. Take clearer photos even in dark places, thanks to a smart backside-illuminated sensor.

Create photos from HD video. Not willing to share the entire video from your wild graduation party? Pull a still from any frame of the Full HD video and post it as a photo instead.

Large Display

The better you can see your faraway loved ones, the closer you’ll feel to them. The Galaxy SIII features a larger, clearer 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED with 1280x720 resolution, to provide a more vivid and comfortable viewing experience. Feel like you’re there with them by enjoying rich photos and vibrant videos.

Friend Recognition

Is your smartphone smart enough to learn and recognize your friends’ faces in your photos? The Galaxy SIII is. Social Tag lets you link the faces in your photo album with their social media streams. Add one of your social networking friends to your phone’s Contacts list, along with his or her photo, and the Galaxy SIII will automatically identify and tag that friend in your other photos.

Just like Social Tag, Buddy Photo Share makes photo-sharing easier by automatically recognizing your friends’ faces. But instead of tagging them on a social media site, Buddy Photo Share will send a selected photo directly to your friend—handy for photos you may not want to post in a public forum.

AllShare Cast

Although many (if not most) of your loved ones are easy to connect with via smartphone or the Internet, you still want to share content with those who aren’t. Samsung’s AllShare Cast* makes it simple to stream content from your phone to your TV so that you can share photos, videos, or anything else on your phone with everyone present. Sit Grandma down in front of the big screen for a slide show of vacation photos or a video of the grandkids—all from your phone.

PopUp Play

The ability to multitask can earn you time to stay connected with friends and family. So, look for features like the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s PopUp Play, which lets you play a video on a PIP (picture-in-picture) display so you can do two things at once. For instance, start writing a social media post about a video while you’re still viewing it on the original source, or text-chat with a friend about a breaking news story you’re both watching.

Faster Wi-Fi

A faster connection helps you to make faster connections with your friends and family. The Samsung Galaxy SIII features Wi-Fi channel bonding technology for double data-connection speed with the same Wi-Fi network, allowing you to connect to the Web—and your loved ones—faster.

Having changed the way friends and family connect with one another, smartphones have become an integral part of today’s culture. Look for a phone with the right features to make your social experience richer and easier to manage.

* Requires the AllShare Cast Dongle accessory, sold separately.