Money-Saving Decisions for Your Small Business

Jan 30, 2013

Entrepreneurs who operate small offices or home offices (SOHOs) are concerned equally with bringing money in the door and making sure it doesn’t flow right back out. Making smart choices about office equipment and ensuring the efficient day-to-day running of your SOHO can add up to major savings over time.

Launching a small business can be a frenetic undertaking. But making sound decisions about the setup and operation of your small office or home office (SOHO) doesn’t have to be difficult. A bit of planning can help keep your office well organized and your balance sheet in the black.

Choose the Right Equipment

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when setting up your SOHO is which office equipment to buy. These initial purchases will continue to impact your bottom line as you replenish supplies and pay maintenance or even replacement costs. So do your research and make sure to invest in the right equipment for your office’s needs—today and in the future.

  • • Certain equipment can easily be shared by multiple employees. Save money and valuable office space by choosing a wireless printer that can be conveniently accessed from multiple desktops, laptops, and devices. The Samsung SCX-3405FW’s Wi-Fi Direct functionality lets each user connect directly to the printer, and features a One Touch Wi-Fi Setting for quick and intuitive setup.

  • • Consider your business needs when shopping for a printer. For instance, if you primarily print text rather than graphics, a monochrome printer can be a good fit. It will save you money over a color model not only in the initial investment, but also over time in operating and supply costs. As an added bonus, monochrome printers also typically have a faster first-page-out and overall printing speed than comparable color models.

  • • Since office space comes at a premium, it makes sense to choose space-saving equipment whenever possible. Shop for compact versions of full-featured equipment, such as the SCX-3400 Series, which features a smaller body and overall footprint than the competition.

Less Waste Equals More Savings

Many decisions that promote environmental responsibility have the happy side effect of saving your small business money. Help out the environment and your bottom line by making a few easy choices.

  • • Banish disposable paper cups in favor of a set of reusable porcelain mugs—they’ll quickly pay for themselves. Splurge and have some printed with your logo, or simply pick up an inexpensive set at a grocery or home store. Install a set of cup hooks under a cabinet or shelf so that the mugs won’t take up valuable counter space.

  • • Use your printer’s Easy Eco Driver software to preview your document and adjust quality, color, and other settings, as well as text, images, and other elements, before you print—saving paper, toner, and time. You can even monitor your savings, including paper and toner usage, energy consumption, and overall cost. The easy-to-use software earned the 2012 Outstanding Achievement award from Buyers Lab, Inc.

  • • Power down all equipment overnight so that it doesn’t passively consume electricity in standby mode. Plug multiple items into a single power strip so that you can easily power down several machines with the flip of one switch.

A Clean Office Is an Efficient Office

In addition to creating a more pleasant work environment for you and your employees, a clean office can help save you money. A bit of organization goes a long way toward keeping your office efficient and cost-effective.

  • • Even the cleanest office environment can be hard on sensitive computer equipment. Take a helping hand with the dust-free design of the SCX-3400 Series, which keeps the printer’s delicate internal mechanics free from harmful particles. This intelligent design helps prolong the life of the printer while ensuring reliable and professional-looking prints.

  • • Keep office supplies organized. A neat supply stash will not only take up less space, it will also help you keep a tighter grasp on inventory to avoid unnecessary purchases.

  • • Clear away cord clutter by choosing Wi-Fi–compatible devices whenever possible. A wireless printer like the SCX-3405FW enables you to print from any Wi-Fi–supported device (including computers, phones, cameras, and camcorders). In addition to keeping things neater, you won’t have to spend time hunting down the right cord and connecting the device to the printer.

A small-business owner has enough financial decisions to make without stressing out over office setup. Stay organized, keep an eye on the environment, and stock your office with the right equipment to recognize substantial savings over time.