R01 R0101 sa_en 07040400 AF28FVSDADF/MG
  • AF28FVSDADF 1 Front BlackAF28FVSDADFPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/sa-en_AF28FVSDADF-MG_003_Front?$L1-Gallery$sa-en_AF28FVSDADF-MG_003_Front30002000370370#00000027302411
  • AF28FVSDADF 2 Side BlackAF28FVSDADFPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/sa-en_AF28FVSDADF-MG_004_Side?$L1-Gallery$sa-en_AF28FVSDADF-MG_004_Side30002000370370#00000027302419
AF28FVSDADF Front Black

Turbo Jet Cooling.Faster, Further, More powerful

Front-facing, independent triple fans provide an intelligent balance of power and control. They provide optimum cooling and energy efficiency with a maximum cooling speed that’s significantly higher than standard air conditioners.

Product Features

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  • 18m³/min Air Circulation (Max)
  • (T1) 28,000, (T3) 24,000Btu/hr Capacity (Cooling)
  • 9,380 - 32,000Btu/hr
    Cooling Capacity
  • (T1) 8.2, (T3)7 .0kW Cooling Capacity
  • (T1) 7,050, (T3) 6,040kcal/hr Cooling Capacity
  • (T1) 10.7, (T3) 7.8Btu/hW EER (Cooling) Energy Efficiency
  • 3.7l/hr Moisture Removal
  • 48 / 38dBA Noise Level (Indoor)
  • 57dBA Noise Level (Outdoor High)

Physical Specification

  • 360x1,948x269mm Net Dimension (Indoor)
  • 880x798x310mm Net Dimension (Outdoor)
  • 31.0Kg Net Weight (Indoor)
  • 53.5Kg Net Weight (Outdoor)
  • 35.5Kg Shipping Weight (Indoor)
  • 61.5Kg Shipping Weight (Outdoor)

General Feature

  • Air Flow Control Step (Cool / Fan)
  • Natural Breeze available
  • Nature Wide / Center available
  • Power Long available
  • Direct / Indirect available
  • S-Plasma Ion available
  • Full HD Filter available
  • Auto Clean (Self Cleaning) available
  • Zero Filter available
  • Smart Sensor available
  • Indoor Temp. Display available
  • Remote Controller available
  • Beep On / Off available
  • 24-Hour Timer available
  • Auto Restart available
  • -5 - 52°C Low Ambient Cooling
  • Turbo Mode avaialble
  • Dlight Cool Mode available
  • Good Sleep Mode available
  • Smart Saver Mode available
  • Dehumidification Mode available
  • Auto Mode available
  • Fan Mode available
  • Quiet Mode available
  • Rotary Compressor Type
  • Anti-Corrosion Fin available
  • Multi-Channel Condensor available

Electrical Data

  • (T1) 12.7, (T3) 14.8A Cooling Operating Current
  • (T1) 2,600, (T3) 3,100 Watts Power Consumption (Cooling)
  • 220V / 60Hz Power Source

Technical Information

  • 20m Max Piping Length
  • 10m Max Piping Height
  • R-410A Refrigerant Type
  • SVC Value: Liquid 6.35mmx5m
  • SVC Value: Gas15.88mmx5m
Air Circulation (Max, ㎥/min)
Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr)
Capacity (Cooling, Min - Max)
Capacity (Cooling, kW)
Capacity (Cooling, Kcal/hr)
Energy Efficiency
EER (Cooling, Btu/hW)
Moisture Removal (l/hr)
Noise Level
Indoor Turbo/Low
Outdoor High
Electrical Data
Energy Efficiency
Operating Current (Cooling)
Power Consumption (Cooling)
Power Source
Physical Specification
Net Dimension (WxHxD, Indoor)
Net Dimension (WxHxD, Outdoor)
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Net Weight (Outdoor)
Shipping Weight (Indoor)
Shipping Weight (Outdoor)
Technical Information
Piping Length
Piping Length (Max)
Piping Height
Piping Height (Max)
Refrigerant Type
SVC Valve
Liquid (ODxL)
Gas (ODxL)
General Feature
Air Flow
Air Flow Control Step (Cool/Fan)
Natural Breeze
Nature Wide / Center
Power Long
Direct / Indirect
Air Purification
S-Plasma ion
Full HD Filter
Auto Clean (Self Cleaning)
Zero Filter
Smart Sensor
Indoor Temp. Display
Remote Controller
Beep On/Off
24-Hour Timer
Auto Restart
Low Ambient
Operating Mode
Turbo Mode
Dlight Cool
Good Sleep
Smart Saver
Auto Mode
Fan Mode
Outdoor Unit
Compressor Type
Anti-Corrosion Fin
Multi-Channel Condensor