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SC6100 Canister VC with Powerful Suction, 1800 Watt, Red

  • Hygienic & Powerful Vacuum Cleaner with Good sound & classic size & volume

VCF500G Canister VC with Extreme Suction Power, 2100 Watt, Vital Red

  • Surprisingly powerful
  • Extreme suction for a long time
  • Anti-allergy

VW9000 Canister VC with Trio System™, 1700 Watt

  • 3 ways to clean
  • Stable Motion, Smooth Motion
  • Easy to use without losing brushes

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VCDC20 Canister VC with Twin Chamber System™, 2000 Watt, Turquoise Green

  • Clean your home more efficiently, effortlessly and affordably with the Samsung VC20AHND bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner.

SC8200 Canister VC with Most Powerful Suction, 2400 Watt

  • The unique chamber design generates strong air circulation through the cyclonic air path of the inner chamber. Dirt and debris separates from the air due to a powerful centrifugal force. As a result, dust particles and debris are sieved into the outer chamber. Strongest power with 5.0L bigger capacity
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