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We don't see technology, we see people with amazing potential.
That's why we don't innovate for the few, we innovate for all.
Watch the videos to see how we are launching people around the world.

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Muna Abu Sulayman
Art and Entertainment
Muna Abu Sulayman is a distinct Saudi media specialist and the first Saudi female who was awarded Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations in 2006. Moreover, she is worldly specialized in developing the voluntary and charitable activities strategies. She is the former Found and Secretariat-General of Waleed Ibn Talal Organization, formerly known as "Kingdom Organization".
Her media role as the main hostess of "Kalam Nawaem" show added media distinction and significant reputation, as it is one of the distinct shows in the Arab World, due to its social awareness attitude and sheds more light on women's issues. She attained highness through her fashion line that was launched for modern fashionable woman, suiting the conservative nature of Middle East.
Loai Naseem
Business Leadership Mentor
Loai Naseem is a businessman and owner of KSA trademark "Lumar". After graduating in the Secondary School, he moved to USA to study at Houston Institute of Art and was graduated in 1990 from Graphic Design Department.
He moved to work as "Creativity Manager" in one of the first KSA advertising companies. Eight years later of continuous success, Mr. Loai Naseem launched his own project in fashion. In 2005, he launched Lumar, through which he owns 10 showrooms in KSA and one showroom in Dubai, and through which he spreads the idea of redefining fashion.
Obai Al-Bashir
Sports Category Mentor
Obai Al-Bashir is a resident physician and a trainer and interest in health. He has various media participations in the area of spreading health awareness. Also, he presents a part called "We are interested in your health" in "Rose and Blue" show broadcasted on Jeddah Radio. He is one of "Balance" health group founders.
Through his show on YouTube, he succeeded in reaching many people who were enabled to control their way of living and transfer it into a healthy system.
Launching People
Launching People is about real people. It's about the way Samsung technology touches people's lives, to launch their dreams and potential.
That's why we don't just launch products, we launch people.
Alfred Pleyer
Ybbs an der Donau, Austria
Alfred Pleyer, who works at a hydropower station in Austria, had always dreamed of becoming a photographer. He was inspired by the stories he saw in peoples’ faces. While traveling through India, he began relying on his Galaxy S3 to take photos in the street. Those pictures launched him, to become one of 2012’s Top 10 Mobile Photographers.
Gisele dos Santos
Amazonas, Brazil
Gisele is a student in the Amazon rainforest. She studies at the local school, which Samsung built for the community. She loves art class, where she connects with a teacher thousands of miles away, through a Samsung Smart TV. She wants to study to become a teacher too, so she can come back to her village and launch other children’s dreams.