Our Philosophy of Social Contribution

Adhering to the management philosophy that “we will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society”, the Device Solutions Division of Samsung Electronics is engaging in a variety of social contribution activities across 260 locations in around 70 countries, in order to contribute to the common interest of humanity, and fulfill the mission entrusted to us as members of the human race.

Samsung Semiconductor CSR, Social Contribution Activities

Happy Together –
A Society Where Everyone is Happy Together

The Device Solutions Division of Samsung Electronics gives hope to socially disadvantaged individuals, working with others to improve lives globally and in local communities, and experiencing the joy of sharing through employees’ voluntary donations of their money and time and their participation in activities such as educating children and adolescents, creating jobs for the less fortunate, providing living support for low-income groups, granting wishes to children with hard-to-treat diseases, and providing health and medical services and cultural events in underdeveloped regions.

Samsung Semiconductor CSR, Voluntary activities and donations
Samsung Semiconductor CSR, Hope Class

Hope Class – Donations of Time and Skill by Employees to Provide Better Education

Since 2010, we have been implementing social contribution activities through our local corporations to share Samsung’s expertise, which was acquired from social contribution activities in Korea. Every year, we encourage our employees to volunteer in countries where Samsung’s foreign corporations are located. Our International Volunteer Corps is helping children all around the world experience better education, realize their dreams, and prepare for the future by providing country-specific IT education programs and building IT infrastructure.

Samsung Semiconductor CSR, Wish Angel

‘Wish Angel’– Granting Wishes to Children and Adolescents with Hard-to-Treat Diseases

Since 2007, we have engaged in activities to give employees and university volunteer teams the opportunity to meet children and adolescents with hard-to-treat diseases, and listen to and grant their wishes. We try to show over 1,000 children and adolescents with hard-to-treat, life-threatening diseases hope, courage, and joy in order to encourage them to have a stronger will to battle their diseases by granting wishes such as “I want to become a princess and have a grand ball”, or “I want to become a baseball player and meet Seungyeop Lee”.

Samsung Semiconductor CSR, Helping socially vulnerable groups gain independence

Helping Socially Vulnerable Groups Gain Independence – Supporting Financial Stability by Generating Jobs

Since 2011, we have run the Café Hue(休) campaign, in order to help stabilize the economy and bring energy to life by generating jobs for socially disadvantaged people including the elderly and disabled. For instance, when local governments provide places to set up a cafe for free, Samsung supports the construction of facilities and provides tool and materials, and social welfare organizations select socially vulnerable groups, train them as baristas, and let them run the cafes. Furthermore, to provide our citizens with spaces to rest and generate jobs for socially vulnerable groups, we open two cafes every year, allowing 100 multi-cultural immigrants, and elderly and disabled people to work as baristas.