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    We offer a wide range of energy-efficient technology to benefit your products and our planet.

Green Management Value

Green Management Value

Green Policy

Samsung is committed to providing eco-friendly products and services based on a green management ideology to contribute to lives of humanity and the preservation of the world’s environment through business activities that respect people and nature. At all worksites, we minimize all environmental impacts, from the purchase of raw materials, development, production, and distribution to use and disposal stages of products. We also apply stricter standards to the management of hazardous materials used for the manufacturing process, implementing EHS management for employees and local communities.

OUR VISION : Eco-friendly management is part of the Five Samsung Business Principles; demonstrating that the company will do its utmost to conduct business activities that respect and improve the lives of people and conserve the planet’s resources. Our Green Management vision is “Providing a Green Experience, Creating a Sustainable Future” and is symbolized under our trademark slogan “PlanetFirst”.

OUR COMMITMENT : Samsung is committed to conducting and communicating activities at both strategic and operational levels of the company; to preserve the environment. These activities span across our facilities, at the workplaces of our suppliers, and local communities worldwide. We also strictly adhere to our Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) policies regarding environmental issues related to our facilities and employees.

ESH Policy

As part of the roadmap, we also send our employees abroad to participate in planned industry-academia partnership projects. The overseas universities with which we have tie-ups allow these candidates to perform their research activities in laboratories.

ESH Management System

Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division follows an environmental safety management system. All employees participate in this system to solve environmental safety issues. The members analyze factors that influence environmental safety and establish detailed plans for continual improvement. The system follows PDCA (Plan > Do > Check > Act) cycle - An internal monitoring protocol examines the outcome of the environmental safety management system and improvement are continuously pursued from the top level.

Additionally, third-party audits are performed on the system and action items are assigned for further improvements.

Partnership Certificate

  • ISO Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

  • ISO Environmental Management System (ISO 50001)

  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001)