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        Green OperationPlanet First

        We promise to work for a greener way of life in everything we do.

      Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target


      Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division is planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37% by 2030 compared to BAU (Business As Usual) through the application of BAT (Best Available Technology) to its new lines.
      To achieve this goal, Device Solutions is utilizing highly efficient facilities and technologies in the purchasing and engineering stages to reduce energy consumption and continuously expand the industry's first large-capacity treatment facilities to lower PFC emissions.


      As a result of these efforts, the Device Solutions lowered GHG intensity in 2015 by 32% compared to 2005 levels (excluding NF3).
      Including NF3, the accumulated reduction from 2005 to 2015 equals 6.83 million tons, equivalent to the effect of planting 2.4 billion trees.

      Greenhouse Gas Reduction Performance

      PFC Reduction Performance

      2013, CO2 Reduction by PFC Reduction
      Energy use reduction performance

      Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division reduced PFC emissions by 10% in 2010 compared to 1997, according to the voluntary PFC reduction agreement of the WSC (World Semiconductor Council). Device Solutions is continuing its work to reduce PFC emissions until 2020 by applying the BAT (Best Available Technology) to new production lines. Even though PFC emissions are inevitable due to the constant growth of the semiconductor industry and production, approximately 1.8 million tons of CO2 emissions were eliminated in 2015, by reducing PFC emissions through the gradual application of various PFC reduction technologies.

      • Replacing the CVD process gases with gases (NF3 gas) that have a relatively low global warming index
      • Optimizing gas usage and introducing a PFC emission abatement system
      • Reduction rate improved to 59% in 2015 from 32% in 2005

      Energy use reduction performance

      CO2 Reduction through Energy Savings (2005~2014)

      Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division is saving energy at an annual average of 4% a year (cumulatively equivalent to 1.30 million tons of CO2) by implementing BAT and applying energy reduction technologies to the purchasing and engineering stages.

      The following are the major energy saving activities we are involved in :

      • Policy implementation
        • A rating system for manufacturing facility energy efficiency. (Assessment and reflection of the energy rating at the time of purchase and association with the facility maker.)
        • Reward system for suggestions and evaluations that result in greenhouse gas reduction.
      • Reduction activities
        • Assignment and evaluation of energy saving targets by the director.
        • Operation of the manufacturing and operation department TF, and identification of areas for improvement.
        • Heat recovery and energy efficiency improvements.