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      Samsung and Microsoft Cooperate on efficient BIG DATA analysis

      Paris, France and Seoul, Korea on Nov 19, 2012

      Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced test results for servers utilizing worlds first 20 nanometer (nm) class* 16GB Green Memory that were conducted at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Paris. Dealing with huge amount of data, it is essential to have a fast access to the analyzing data points, a system based on Samsung's 20nm-class DDR3 memory and solid state drives (SSDs) together with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 proved to be 15 times as fast as current 50nm class DRAM and HDD configurations in a cold cache environment when the data need to be fetched from disks and consumes 30% less power in warm cache situation when the data sits already in DRAM, so-called In-Memory application.

      Detailed findings on the testing are available in a white paper posted on Microsoft's website: and on Samsung's Green Memory website:

      "In an increasingly complex IT world, Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) are set to provide complete solutions to customers, and we achieve this goal through strong collaboration with our partners. With Samsung's Green DRAM and SSDs, we have just such a partner on board at the MTC in Paris to educate and to provide highly advanced solutions to our customers," said Alain Le Hegarat, Director, MTC Paris. "the full configuration is now available at our lab for any customer to test actual impact on their own infrastructure".

      "Bringing together high density and low-power technologies of Samsung and Microsoft's expertise on Databases and close contact towards IT users, the new green solution for BIG DATA will enable customers to utilize optimized IT infrastructures without raising operation costs," said Myungho Kim, vice president of Memory marketing, Device Solutions, Samsung Electronics. "Securing further leadership as a technology innovator, Samsung will place continuous efforts in attending to the evolving IT environment, in a timely manner. Through our collaboration with MTC centers and their daily interaction with IT experts and their needs, Samsung is involved in solving the latest IT challenges and in providing customers with ever enhanced server solutions."

      Alain Le Hegarat commented, "BIG DATA is not a Buzz word, but a real challenge for our customers. Increasing numbers of visitors at MTC Paris are seeking experts from Microsoft and partners for solutions addressing their needs for managing and analyzing growing amount of data."

      Samsung enabled the Green memory solution that combines 20nm-class DDR3 modules and SATA 6Gbps SSDs for advanced server systems in BIG DATA environment to MTC Paris only 5 months after collaborating with MTC Munich for development of an optimized server solution that utilizes 20nm-class green DDR3 memory modules in virtualized environment.

      Samsung and Microsoft are planning to extend their collaboration to the other 27 MTCs worldwide in 2012. Test platforms equipped with Samsung Green DRAM and SSDs are now available at MTC Paris.

      About Microsoft Technology Center
      Microsoft Technology Centers are collaborative environments that provide access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, enabling you to envision, design, and deploy solutions to meet your exact needs.

      * Editors' Note: 20nm-class means a process technology node somewhere between 20 and 29 nanometers, and 40nm-class means a process technology node somewhere between 40 and 49 nanometers.