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      Samsung Achieves Industry’s First Common Criteria EAL7 Security Assurance for its Smart Card Controller IC

      EAL7 Security Assurance for Smart Card Controller IC

      Seoul, Korea on Apr 17, 2013

      Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, announced that its smart card IC S3FT9KF has been granted the world's first Common Criteria EAL7 security certification for a secure microcontroller.

      "We are pleased to announce that the industry's first EAL7 certification will bring the highest assurance on the implementation of Samsung smart card IC's security-critical functionalities. On the solid basis of the first EAL7 achievement, we will continue to seek unparalleled security technology for our products," said TH Kim, vice president of marketing, System LSI Business, Samsung Electronics.

      Samsung's S3FT9KF, which is the first smart card IC accredited for the EAL7 level security, is flash memory-based with 264 kilobyte (KB) of storage and is fabricated on 90 nanometer process technology. The smart card IC supports both contact and contact-less interfaces and offers hardware cryptography algrorithms, 3-DES and AES, and a hardware cryptography engine, Tornado 2Mx2, for RSA and ECC

      As security concerns have become more prevalent, the need for new requirements on security and reliability has also grown. Requirements for flash-based finance and ID smart card ICs have continuously increased in particular because of the advantages they bring, such as shorter development and production time. Samsung has deliberately prepared to achieve the utmost level of security with its flash-based IC products and was finally able to come out with the successful result.

      The EAL7 certification assures the methodically designed, tested and resistant model for an exceedingly protective environment, and can be applied to security products designed for high-risk situations, where the value of the assets can justify the greater costs. To achieve this high assurance level, the product should formally be modeled and extensively tested in a rigorously mathematical manner to secure the resistance against various attack methods including invasive, semi-invasive and non-invasive attacks.

      With the EAL7 assurance, Samsung plans to strengthen security features for its finance and ID smart card IC product portfolio, and expand its industry-best security technologies into applications for the next-generation mobile ID market, mostly utilized in smartphones and other mobile devices.

      The EAL7 certificate was issued by the French Certification Body ANSSI (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information) with the evaluation effort of ITSEF CEA LETI.