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      Samsung’s Security Smart Card ICs Enter China Banking Card Market, Attaining Latest PBOC Certification

      obtained the People’s Bank of China 3.0 (PBOC 3.0) certification required by the Bank and an essential validation for financial use in China.

      Seoul, Korea on May 13, 2014

      Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, announced that Samsung's smart card ICs for banking security obtained the People's Bank of China 3.0 (PBOC 3.0) certification, which is a requirement by the Bank and an essential validation for financial use in China.

      Through collaborative works with leading Chinese smart card manufacturers, Samsung finished the certification process for the latest version of PBOC, which was officially published in February, 2013. Samsung is ready to supply the security ICs to Chinese banks, which are going through an industry-wide technical transition from the magnetic stripe bank cards to IC bank cards.

      "The banking card market in China is one of the biggest potential markets with high growth rate," said Dr. KyuShik Hong, vice president of System LSI marketing, Samsung Electronics. "We are pleased to be able to offer our outstanding smart card ICs for the Chinese banking card market based on our successful experiences in Europe and Korea. Samsung will continue to meet customer needs and enhance user satisfaction by offering ICs that enable faster and safer transactions."

      The lineup of PBOC certified Samsung smart card ICs — S3CT9KC, S3CT9KA and S3CT9PA — is based on Samsung's proprietary core technology, SecuCalmTM, and is fabricated with the company's advanced 90-nanometer (nm) process.

      With 80 or 40 kilobytes (KB) of EEPROM storage options, the S3CT9xx product family offers hardware cryptography algorithms, 3-DES and AES, and a hardware cryptography engine, Tornado 2Mx2, for RSA and ECC. By fully supporting both contact and contactless interfaces, the S3CT9xx products will be compatible with electronic payment readers that have either of the interfaces. In particular, Samsung's up-to-date contactless technology will contribute to the security of the Chinese banking market, where infrastructure for a contactless interface is being rapidly established.

      The S3CT9xx products have also been validated by the Common Criteria EAL 5+ certification and EMVCo's global standards for their high security levels.

      In addition to their adoption in banking cards, Samsung's new security smart card ICs are also expected to be applied in public transportation smart cards and e-government programs such as ePassports and electronic ID cards. Samsung's security ICs allow banks to apply multiple features in a single card, offering more convenient and secure user experiences.

      According to current estimates from market research firm ABI, roughly 530 million banking chip cards are being used in China. As Chinese banks will accelerate the shift from magnetic stripe cards to IC chip cards, over 400 million of new banking cards are expected to be shipped solely in China this year.