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      Samsung Samples Industry’s First 2Gbit NAND Flash Memory Device Utilizing 90-Nanometer Process Technology

      Seoul, Korea on Sep 16, 2002

      Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world's leading supplier of advanced semiconductor memory technology, today announced that it has begun sampling the industry's first 2Gbit NAND Flash memory device utilizing 90-nanometer process technology. This high-density, non-volatile memory device supports increased memory capacity, allowing consumers to store larger amounts of data on their favorite handheld devices, including digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and digital audio players.

      Samsung's 2Gbit device neatly placed in a Quad Die Package instantly generates an 8Gbit-capacity device that can store 80minutes of DVD quality video data. Thus, making the ultra-high-density NAND Flash memory a potential replacement for small-capacity hard disk drives and magnetic tapes, which are the main storage medium for digital camcorders and digital audio players. Using NAND Flash memory to store data allows manufacturers to design smaller, more lightweight products with extended battery life and enhanced performance.

      "The digital photography and digital audio markets have an insatiable demand for portable storage capacity," said Dr. Chang Gyu Hwang, president of Samsung Electronics Memory Division. "Samsung's ongoing research and development in NAND Flash technology will ensure that customers have the high-capacity, solid-state storage they need for future generations of digital imaging and audio devices."

      Samsung is the industry's first manufacturer to apply 90-nanometer process technology to a Flash memory device, ushering in the era of ultra-high-capacity non-volatile memory technology. The 2Gb device's cutting-edge, 0.05 μm2 design rule is half the minimum cell size found in other NAND Flash memory chips. The ultra high capacity device can make for an affordable 256 MByte USB Flash drive, expediting the replacement of the floppy drive and zip drive combination.

      Samsung's new NAND Flash memory device has been designed for production on the company's existing fabrication lines, eliminating the need for additional facilities investments. The utilization 90-nanometer process technology greatly reduces manufacturing cost, enabling Samsung to produce the world's highest capacity 2Gb NAND Flash memory device while remaining the industry's competitive price leader.

      Samsung's 2Gbit Flash memory utilizes a novel SSA-STi (Sacrificial Self Align Shallow Trench isolation) for the isolation technology developed to improve cell data storage reliability, which was considered most challenging at sub-100nm process. This technology breakthrough has enabled Samsung to develop the 2Gb NAND Flash memory device a year earlier than planned.

      Nand Flash memory is the fastest-growing segment of the semiconductor industry. According to Semico Research Corporation, the bit-growth in the data storage market is expected to show over 107 percent growth by 2005. About Samsung Electronics

      Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductors, the consumer electronics industry, and digital convergence technology. The company employs approximately 66,000 people in 46 countries. Samsung Electronics is the world's largest producer of memory chips, Smart card Chips, Display Driver ICs, TFT-LCDs, and monitors. Also the company is the fourth-largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Samsung Electronics consists of four main business units: Digital Media Network, Telecommunication Network, Device Solution Network and Digital Appliance Network Businesses.

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      Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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