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  • open innovation assemblies for a new future

    Open InnovationAssemblies for a new future

    Open Innovation is a Samsung initiative that identifies and develops the best-in-class technologies and infrastructures of tomorrow.

Open Innovation is a Samsung initiative
to identify and grow the technologies and infrastructure of the future.

To put the principles of Open Innovation into operation, Samsung adopts a multi-pronged approach that involves participation in global consortia, forging links between the industry and top universities, cooperation with vendors, and operation of successful overseas research centers. Samsung is committed to producing best-in-class research in the materials and technologies of tomorrow. To foster a culture of ongoing, results-oriented innovation, the organization provides attractive remuneration for research activities.

Participation in Global Consortiums

We actively participate in multiple industry consortia at regular intervals. By synthesizing divergent viewpoints from multiple participants, consortia help achieve consensus on important issues, such as drawing up standards and guidelines, identifying potential technologies, and fostering a beneficial business ecosystem. Samsung is a key player in the agenda of 13 international consortia, such as SEMATCH and IMEC. By leveraging the advantages of participating in global consortia, Samsung is well poised to prepare cutting-edge technologies and next-generation infrastructure.

Cooperation Between Industry and Academia

Samsung has a long-term vision of developing a robust network of next-generation technologies, infrastructure, and personnel. To achieve this, we create strategic alliances between the industry and top universities at home and abroad. We strengthen the industry-academia cooperation by promoting various activities, such as independent research in universities and sponsored training for students and employees in local and overseas universities.

Synergy with Equipment and Materials Vendors

Samsung cooperates with its equipment and materials vendors at home and abroad. This cooperation makes it possible for us to better shape and control the manufacturing and quality processes of vendors, which leads to ultimately increasing the competitiveness of our products.

Operation of Overseas Research Centers

Samsung has set up multiple research centers in various countries. These overseas R&D hubs perform valuable research in emerging materials and technologies in the spheres of hardware, software, and packaging. The centers also help Samsung establish a credible market and mindshare presence in their respective countries. With the help of the overseas centers and their research excellence, Samsung is able to increase the volume of R&D operations, concentrate researching application-specific technologies, and finally, put the results of the overseas research projects to practical use.