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  • Bring intelligence on the road

    AutomotiveBring intelligence on the road.

    Samsung provides dependable reliability and long-term support to automakers with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technology.


Innovative technologies
essential for intelligent driving.

Drivers want to enjoy an enhanced driving experience while satisfying increasingly strict road safety requirements.
Samsung’s wide range of automotive electronic components can help create
safe, convenient and intelligent driving experiences, while also offering long-term support.
Ensure high reliability for a safe drive.

The reliability of your vehicle should be guaranteed, even in extreme driving conditions, for the safety of all drivers. With this in mind, higher standards for ensuring the rigidity of electronic components are being enforced as more intelligent safety features are being integrated into new vehicles. Samsung has the best technology and quality service to meet these standards.


As the No.1 leader in the global memory market, Samsung offers the best Defect Parts Per Million (DPPM) management capability based on the world largest volume. We are proud to be AEC-Q100 compliant and to be able to provide diverse and consolidated solutions for the fast-changing automotive market through our dedicated manufacturing lines. Samsung eMMC especially offers fast trobleshooting through our in-house controller and firmware capability.

Industry CMOS Image Sensor

Samsung Industry CIS provides an accurate recognition of objects to assist with a safer driving experience as a result of our advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology.
Guarantee longevity matching automotive life cycles.

Conventional semiconductors don’t share the longer lifecycle of today’s automobiles. To ensure safety and long-term product support for automobiles, reliable supply and longevity of technical support from semiconductor suppliers are essential for our OEMs.


Samsung guarantees extended support to enable sufficient safety testing and defect resolution that meets the need of the market, through an automotive-dedicated manufacturing line. As NAND Flash usage in automotive is shifting from standalone component to solution based products, the ability to ensure longevity not only for NAND Flash but also for controller is becoming more important. Samsung's in-house capability promises longevity for both.
Comprehensive portfolio for enhanced connected car.
Comprehensive portfolio for enhanced connected car
As the connected car market grows, electronics play an increasingly important role in the automotive industry. Consumers are demanding an increasing variety of intelligent features, and the challenge for OEMs is to deliver impeccable service and enhanced customer experience in a timely manner while reducing costs.

Samsung offers a wide range of products for connected cars, highly satisfying diverse demands of the market with reduced compatibility issues and customization concerns. Furthermore, Samsung provides dedicated technical support to effectively speed up the time to market for automotive manufacturers. Our memory portfolio spans DDR2/3, LPDDR4 and eMMC/SLC that are all compliant with AEC-Q100 grade 2/3.

Solution Brief for Automotive

Deliver dependable reliability and lifelong support to drivers with Samsung’s comprehensive range of cutting-edge technology.

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