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      • Immerse gamers with phenomenal graphics

        Game ConsoleImmerse gamers with phenomenal graphics.

        Stay at the forefront of the market equipped with Samsung’s dashing graphic memory solution.

      Begin a new era in gaming with Samsung’s stunning
      graphics solutions designed to stay ahead.

      As the population across all ages starts to endorse 4K TVs, seamless gameplay in high definition is an unavoidable, yet difficult, challenge.
      Samsung proudly offers high speed GDDR5 chips that can seamlessly support 4K-resolution gaming.
      Empower superior graphics performance and sharing.

      With the higher processing capabilities of our graphics DRAM combined with the fast read and write performance of eMMC, manufacturers can offer a richer experience in high-definition gameplay and sharing.

      Graphic DRAM

      Our GDDR5 memory provides ultrafast peak bandwidths that are more than 3 times faster than that of the GDDR3. Such improvements lead to seamless support for 4K resolution gaming.


      Samsung eMMC 5.1 provides a faster R/W speed in both random and sequential modes over its predecessors and also a better sustained performance.
      Present an extensive energy-efficient experience.

      With our power-efficient graphics DRAM, consumers can enjoy energy-friendly consoles that consume less power than conventional products.

      Graphic DRAM

      Samsung GDDR5 supports low-power modes with an operating voltage of 1.35V, which is a 25% reduction in power consumption compared to that of GDDR3.

      Solution Brief for Gmae Console

      Stay at the forefront of the market equipped with Samsung’s dashing graphic memory solution.

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      Make the most of mobile device.

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      Graphic DRAM

      Graphic DRAM

      Journey to visual creativity, together.

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      With fast boot speeds and pristine graphics, get a seamless gaming experience with Samsung memory solution.