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      • Reach the next level in storage performance

        Storage ServerReach the next level in storage performance.

        Get ahead of the rapidly increasing volume of data with Samsung’s high-speed, high-capacity storage solutions.

      Accommodate massive data with storage
      that surpass conventional performance.

      The world is collecting data at an unprecedented pace, yet effective data storing remains a challenge.
      Samsung SSD is ready to store every bit of data in the world with improved reliability.
      Storing all future data.

      The volume of data to be stored is rapidly increasing. While conventional HDDs struggle to keep up with this trend, Samsung enterprise SSD promises outstanding speed with an enhanced capacity.

      Enterprise SSD

      Samsung SSD was developed to outperform conventional HDDs by handling large volumes of data with higher speeds and ample capacity.
      Enhanced reliability and smart data protection, guaranteed.

      Samsung’s goal is to eliminate the difficulties of providing 24/7 data access without failure. Samsung offers solutions for a reliable server platform that is mechanically durable and also faster in disaster recovery even if unexpected failures do occur.

      Enterprise SSD

      Equipped with powerful features that are thoroughly designed for data reliability, Samsung Enterprise SSD secures valuable data from an array of threats.
      Keep your storage cooler with less power.

      Samsung understands that the top concern of data centers is the cost of energy. Samsung enables data centers to be far more cost and energy efficient without compromising performance.

      Enterprise SSD

      Data centers can now optimize energy consumption costs through our fast, yet energy-efficient solutions that are proven to be far better than conventional HDDs.

      Solution Brief for Storage Server

      Get ahead of the rapidly increasing volume of data with Samsung’s high-speed, high-capacity storage solutions.

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      Enterprise SSD

      Enterprise SSD

      Unrivaled performance for enterprise storage solution.

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      Server DRAM

      Server DRAM

      Leading the server to excel beyond expectations.

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