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      • Lightning speed for the web service

        Web ServerLightning speed for the web service.

        Samsung’s thrilling solution is designed for an accelerated web experience. Witness how memory can satisfy your customers.

      Partner with Samsung for a faster web experience by accommodating ever-increasing traffic

      Expectations for a better web experience are on the rise as the world becomes increasingly connected in more diverse ways.
      Samsung can exceed your expectations with our solutions for ultra fast speeds when accommodating dynamic traffic demands.
      Reduced latency, reduced bottlenecks.

      Achieving desired speeds in the midst of growing internet traffic has become more critical than ever for web servers. Samsung has eliminated performance bottlenecks and expanded the limits of traditional servers.

      Enterprise SSD

      Samsung enterprise SSD, taking an example with PM953, boasts low latency, approximately 85㎲, and 99.99% Quality of Service as fast as 200㎲.
      Providing a sustained response, even for peak traffic times.

      It is becoming fundamental for web servers to maintain sustained performance to meet the needs of varying internet traffic times. Samsung’s unprecedented memory solutions boost a server’s ability to respond to a whole new level.

      Sever DRAM

      Samsung server DRAM is equipped with an improved bandwidth of 3,200 Mbps to effectively handle traffic explosions.

      Enterprise SSD

      See first-hand as our industry-leading SSD helps your server respond rapidly to varying end-user requirements.

      Solution Brief for Web Server

      Samsung’s thrilling solution is designed for an accelerated web experience. Witness how memory can satisfy your customers.

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      Enterprise SSD

      Enterprise SSD

      Unrivaled performance for enterprise storage solution.

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      Server DRAM

      Server DRAM

      Leading the server to excel beyond expectations.

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