Game-Changing Graphics DRAM

Samsung’s advanced GDDR6 delivers exceptional solutions for graphic-intensive applications, spearheading innovation in graphics cards and HPC.

Higher Density, Better Performance

- World’s first 16Gb graphics DRAM

Expanding the high-performance graphics market and elevating the heavy graphics user experience, Samsung developed the world’s first 16Gb GDDR6 with 1xnm process technology.

Samsung Semiconductor DRAM GDDR6, World-First 16Gb Graphics DRAM with 1xnm process technology

Blazing Speed for Heavy Graphics

- Ultra-fast, up to 768 GB/s at 384 I/O

With data rates nearly twice as fast as the previous generation, the Samsung GDDR6 offers trailblazing speed for high-resolution video and graphics-intensive 3D games and applications.

Samsung Semiconductor DRAM GDDR6, System Memory Performance up to 768 GB/s

Efficiency to a Higher Power

- 8K resolution using less power

Effortlessly processing complicated data with greater speed, such as 3D graphics or 8K-resolution video, the Samsung GDDR6 still offers outstanding efficiency, using less power than GDDR5.

Samsung Semiconductor DRAM GDDR6, 8K Resolution using 13% Lower Power Consumption

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