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  • Exceptional capability with proven technology

    ManufacturingExceptional capability with proven technology.

    State-of-the-art facilities support the exceptional manufacturing capability with proven high-volume fabrication record.

Exceptional manufacturing capability with proven high-volume fabrication record.

Samsung Electronics is one of the best semiconductor manufacturers in the world based on a long, proven track record in high-volume of 300mm manufacturing. Samsung Foundry has directly benefited from this accumulated manufacturing knowledge with regards to yield enhancement technique, reliability control and operation know-how.
  • S1-Line

    Wafer Size : 300mm
    Location : Giheung, Korea

    Opened in Jan, 2005

  • S2-Line

    Wafer Size : 300mm
    Location : Austin, USA

    Opened in Apr, 2011

  • S3-Line

    Wafer Size : 300mm
    Location : Hwaseong, Korea

    Under construction

Samsung Foundry's 300mm logic fabs, known as the S1-Line and S2-Line are state-of-the-art facilities enable the high-volume manufacturing using 65nm, 40nm, 32/28nm and 14nm process technologies. The new fab, S3-Line is under construction in Hwaseong, Korea to implement the advanced FinFET process technologies. An early adopter of 300mm wafer technology, Samsung has grown to be the world's leader in 300mm volume production. Foundry customers greatly benefit from SAMSUNG's deep experience and comprehensive knowledge of high-volume manufacturing technology.

Satisfying FinFET Demand with Global Capacity.

In April 2014, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES put the rest of the foundry industries on notice with its game changing 14nm licensing agreement. A new strategic collaboration between Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES provides unprecedented global capacity for 14nm FinFET technology leadership and gives customers assurance of supply that can only come from true design compatibility at multiple sources across the globe.
Satisfying FinFET Demand with Global Capacity
Fundamentally Changing the Foundry Supply Chain Model
Fundamentally Changing the Foundry Supply Chain Model.
14nm licensing agreement makes customers who wish to source to more than one foundry with one design with reduced risk of capacity constraints. The fabless industry continues to expand rapidly, bolstered primarily by unrelenting growth in the mobility space. Our customers have been requesting a solution to solve both technology and supply challenges to enable continued growth. By collaborating, both Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES are making the leading 14nm finFET foundry solution available for production at two independent foundry providers, at multiple sites in geographically dispersed manufacturing locations.

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