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  • A glimpse of chip making’s future

    Process TechnologyA new paradigm for the most advanced technology.

    Access a wide range of the most advanced process technology through Samsung’s Semiconductor R&D Center.

A new paradigm
for all the best advanced technologies.

Samsung Foundry customers can target higher performance with same area, or smaller chip size with same performance by Samsung’s most advanced process technology. It can result in improved customer benefits.
A New Paradigm for All The Best Advanced Technology
Samsung Foundry provides the most advanced and wide range of process technologies through Semiconductor R&D Center. Foundry Technology Development Center has developed advanced process technology to meet customers' various process and application requirements. With the first 14nm class FinFET offering for foundry industry, Samsung Foundry has led technology innovation. Beyond 14nm technology, Samsung Foundry continues technology innovation for next generation. Samsung Foundry commits continued technology development to create a world of innovation and wonder with customers.
Continuous Technology Innovation without Borders.
Although today is about innovation without borders, classical scaling hits the Tox scaling limit in the semiconductor industry about process evolution. Since 130nm to 28nm, continuous scale-down have only been possible by material innovation through copper filler, low-k, stress-technology, ULK, and HKMG. Subsequently, planar transistors on Bulk-Si hit the gate length scaling limit, but Samsung Foundry unfailingly found solution by come up with structure innovation which are ‘FDSOI’ and ‘3D FinFET’ transistor.
Continuous Technology Innovation without Borders
Global leader in advanced semiconductor process technology
Global leader in advanced semiconductor process technology.
Semiconductor R&D Center has focused the next-generation process technology development to pave the road for adopting innovative technologies. Samsung Foundry provides the most advanced and wide range of process technologies through the International Semiconductor Development Alliance (ISDA), Semiconductor R&D Center.
ISDA is engineering alliance between IBM
ISDA is engineering alliance between IBM, Samsung, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, STMicroelectronics and others to develop next-generation process technology including new device architectures, materials and modules for advanced node technology since 90nm.
Semiconductor R&D Center is responsible for Samsung’s innovative memory and logic process technology development such as FinFET devices, multi-patterning and EUV lithography.
A broad range of process offering for every application
A broad range of process offering for every application.
A wide variety of process offerings is ready for expanding into new customers and markets of every application. Energy-efficient, high-performance and smaller form factor process will throw open the door to next generation technology for internet of things, consumer electronics, mobile computing, and networking/data centers/computing.
The Internet of Things connect everything, everywhere and every moment to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and other connected devices based on the network infrastructure. IoT is expected the next major application in post mobile era. Consumer electronics are the devices used by individuals in day to day life. All of consumer electronics can be smart and connected to the internet wirelessly. Consumer electronics are utilized for various purposes. Mobile computing devices are user-friendly and autonomous in nature. The most important thing in every application is that the networking. Networking data is the essence of every application.

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