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  • 65NM Technology

    65nm65 NANO METER technology

    Access a wide range of the most advanced process technology through Samsung’s Semiconductor R&D Center.


65nm Process Technology.
65nm Process is a collaborative Technology Development Initiative between Samsung Foundry and ISDA alliance partners.
65nm Low Power technology covers a broad range of applications from the handheld devices to consumer electronics with the fully Si-proven IP/Libraries which provides a variety of transistor, oxide and back-end stack options for customer's products.
Key Features of 65nm.
- Twin- or triple-well CMOS technology on p-substrate .
- Shallow trench isolation.
- Low-resistance nickel-salicided polysilicon and diffusion.
- Wire-bond pads or controlled collapse chip connections (C4s).
- Optional electrically programmable fuses.
Device Offerings65LP
Core VDD (V) 1.2V
Core DeviceHVT O
I/O Device2.5V O
3.3V O
SRAMSingle Port HS, HD
Dual Port HD
※ HS : High speed, HD : Density