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    Back-end ServiceBack-end servicer

    Flexible offerings to meet customer needs and a solid relationship with worldwide eco-system partners.

Back-end Service

One stop Turnkey service to meet customer needs.
Through long years’ experience starting from IDM company, now Samsung Foundry is capable of superior back-end services besides silicon fabrication which is designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. These services include wafer sort, final test, bumping and IC packaging, etc. Any customers can opt for the level of service that best fits their situation, whether partial services or a turn-key solution.
One stop Turnkey service to meet customer needs
Bump Service.
Samsung Foundry offers superior bumping service which can delivery wafers in very short cycle time along with demonstrated reliability with regard to low-K material and Chip-to-package interconnection qualification.
Not only conventional Eutectic bumping service, but does Samsung secure lead-free(Sn/Ag) bumping technology to accommodate industry's increasing demands for 'Green technology'. To meet customer's needs for finer pitch service in the future, Samsung Foundry is also supportive of Bond-on-Trace, Cu-pillar bumping technologies and more others.
Test Service.
Samsung Foundry has secured sufficient test capacity through wafer and final test facilities in Giheung and Onyang, Korea. With Samsung’s world-class test infrastructures, our customers have been provided the benefits of shorten test time and cost saving. Also we have extensive experience in test program development through production and offer fully customized test programs to meet your needs.
Packaging Service.
Although Samsung has its own in-house packaging center, also keeps collaborating with third-party packaging and assembly houses in strong partnership to accommodate customer's volume demands in anytime.
Samsung Foundry offers wide range of packaging solutions from conventional cost-effective packaging solutions to advanced high density packaging solutions such as world best Package-on-package using laser drilled process. Besides, TSV and 3D-IC packaging is one of the key areas that Samsung is focusing on for the surging demands of system-on-chip solutions that would be essential for high-performance and low leakage computing devices.