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    Flexible offerings to meet customer needs and a solid relationship with worldwide eco-system partners.


Customers benefit from Samsung B2B E-service.
Samsung Foundry has been providing an efficient infrastructure that streamlines collaboration with its customers and business partners. Called B2B Workplace, this business-to-business portal enables on-line business transactions and provides useful, value-added information to customers and partners while being easy to use, efficient and assuring strict security to protect customer information.

Samsung Foundry's B2B Workplace makes possible anytime, anywhere, on-line access to design and engineering data, technical documents, supply-chain-management data - such as logistics, WIP and shipping details - and other important data with the form of customization.
B2B Service Category.
- Design Collaboration - Technical Document, Online Jobdeck View, Design Service.
- Logistic Collaboration- Shipping Alert e-Mail, WIP & Order Management Report, Planning.
- Engineering Collaboration- PCM, ET, Wafer Bin, Wafer Map.
- Team Workplace - Document Sharing.
- B2Bi Service- RosettaNet, FTP.
B2B Service Category
Independent, Secure IT for Customer IP and Product Information
Independent, Secure IT for Customer IP and Product Information.
The secure handling of information is a fundamental focus of the SAMSUNG foundry. Customer trust and satisfaction are assured through IP protection policies that have received ISO17799/BS7799 certification. Compliance with these protocols is strictly enforced. Elements like confidential document control, employee confidentiality, training programs, audit compliance and IT security are part of the foundry's security commitment.

Multiple secure systems are in place to protect sensitive data, highlighted by an independent foundry LAN with a two-tier firewall in place. Advanced encryption and strict internal policies regarding information distribution and handling are mandatory. Also practiced are regular security audits, periodic unscheduled audits and checks for security weak points. The foundry's stringent security procedures make sure customer IP and product information are fully protected at all times.