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Mission Peak NGSFF All Flash NVMe Reference Design

on Aug 08, 2017

All Flash storage solution with Samsung NVMe SSDs

High Performance

The system delivers 10 million random read IOPS of storage performance, balanced with 300 Gbps of Ethernet throughput. This performance and balance with networks bandwidth are ideal for applications that transfer stored data over network, such as content delivery networks and scale-out storage systems. With dual-socket Intel Skylake-SP CPUs, and up to 24 DDR4 DIMMs of memory, the system is also great for I/O intensive local workloads, such as real-time analytics and database servers.

High Density

The system features up to 36 front-serviceable NGSFF SSD bays in only 1U. NGSFF devices are specifically designed for all-flash servers and optimized for 1U designs. This enables Mission Peak to offer 5X the capacity relative to prior-generation U.2 designs.

For more detailed information, please refer to the reference design in the PDF below.


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