Unlock your powers.

When you get in the game, every millisecond feels like forever. Games load faster with Samsung SSDs, both at the start, and when changing maps. Responsiveness is boosted for less lag, so you can play with force and precision. To triumph over your opponents, Samsung SSD is your ultimate secret weapon.

SAMSUNG Solid State Drive - NVMe SSD 960PRO

Load Faster, Play Better.

Get into the game instantly with mind-boggling speed. NAND flash based Samsung SSDs perform at high random speeds
that diminish load times and reduce lags, for critical moments in multiplayer battles,
or when roaming through an open world. Even multitasking is not likely to affect your gaming. Play on, and play hard.

Load Faster, Play Better.
  • Less Lags
    Experience uninterrupted
    game play.
  • Fast Loading
    Start playing sooner
    with quick loads.
  • High Responsiveness
    Get immersed into
    flawless action.
  • Seamless Multitasking
    Play smoothly even
    while multitasking.

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