Exynos i takes IoT space to
the next level of safety and versatility

Exynos i integrates wireless connectivity and processor for IoT solutions, enhancing processing power and high-level on-chip security.

Hardware-Based On-Chip Solution

- Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) to provide a “Root of Trust”

Addressing concerns for IoT security, Exynos i has an on-chip Security Sub-System dedicated to security management and a PUF that generates truly unique keys for data encryption and device authentication. This measure provides higher-level security compared to conventional OTP-based solutions.

Samsung Semiconductor IoT Processor, Enhanced Security Subsystem, Physical Unclonable Function

Top Performance and Versatility

- Large embedded memory and many interfaces for a variety of usage

To improve efficiency, different tasks can be assigned to different MCUs for independent processing. One processor can be used for I/O or LED control while the other controls system management with help from on-chip interfaces and memory, thus eliminating the need for an additional microcontroller.

Samsung Semiconductor IoT Processor, Dual Processing Core

Platform-Level Fast Solution

- Major cloud services support, major IoT protocol standard-support-ready

Exynos i deliverables include reference H/W, S/W, documents and tools for faster time to market. Through close collaboration with eco-partners, Exynos i is certified for major cloud services, including MS Azure, AWS (IoT Cloud Services) and for IoT standard protocol, such as IoTivity (by OCF).

Samsung Semiconductor IoT Processor, Major Cloud Services Support, Major IoT Protocol Standard-support-ready

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