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      • All-in-one quantified-self solution is finally here.

        Bio-ProcessorAll-in-one quantified-self solution is finally here.

        Samsung’s monolithic Bio-Processor, translating the body’s complex messages into a rich fitness-monitoring experience.

      Tracking multiple and dynamic biometrics
      with a single chip.

      Being able to monitor fitness in increasingly diverse and efficient ways is a major health priority.
      It is no longer acceptable simply to provide a range of different bio-sensors. Built with small form-factor devices in mind,
      Samsung Bio-Processor empowers users with a combination of fitness sensors and continues to perform well with low battery power.
      Easily implement a multitude of bio-data
      Easily implement a multitude of bio-data.
      Fitness monitoring has become an important life choice for many consumers. But the time, effort and complexity of implementing multiple bio-sensors can outweigh the benefits. This caused a dilemma for manufacturers, which Samsung solved easily.

      Samsung Bio-Processor removes the need to design and develop a complex fitness monitoring interface. Our solution essentially uses a single chip to measure various types of bio-data including PPG, ECG, Skin Temperature, GSR and Body Fat.

      * PPG : Photoplethysmogram
      * ECG : Electrocardiogram
      * GSR : Galvanic Skin Response

      Powerful performance even for the smallest devices
      Powerful performance even for the smallest devices.
      Samsung Bio Processor is specifically designed to deliver high performance from a compact monolithic chip, providing huge design flexibility to manufacturers of health-monitoring devices.

      The integration of health monitoring functions with MCU, DSP, AFE, power management and security units in a single chip has significantly reduced the footprint of our Bio-Processor.

      * MCU : Micro Controller Unit
      * DSP : Digital Signal Processing
      * AFE : Analog Front End

      Delivering unprecedented power efficiency
      Deliver unprecedented power efficiency.
      Samsung Bio-Processor is the ideal option for wearable health-monitoring devices.

      The optimized integration of components within PMIC reduces the power consumed by health functions.

      Using an embedded DSP allows simultaneous processing of workloads that a MCU would have processed sequentially, reducing peak power consumption several folds.

      * PMIC : Power Management IC.



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