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      • Journey to Visual Creativity, Together.

        Graphic DRAMJourney to Visual Creativity, Together.

        Let graphic enthusiasts release their creative spirit at dashing speed.

      Taste the memory that delivers exceptional graphic performance.

      Market demand is high for a graphic DRAM that seamlessly supports high-definition contents and graphic-intensive applications.
      Samsung is dedicated to deliver ultra-fast, yet power-efficient graphic memory products. Samsung graphic DRAM, born to boost GPU capabilities,
      delivers the unprecedented graphic performance needed to make your devices coveted on the market.
      High density optimized for high-definition performance.
      High density optimized for high-definition performance.
      If you are designing computers or graphic cards for heavy graphic users such as video & 3D graphic editors and game players, you are dealing with the most demanding customers.

      To help you meet the needs of heavy graphic computing, Samsung developed and began mass-producing the world’s 1st 8 Gb GDDR5 with 2xnm process technology.
      Heavy graphics in flying speed.
      Heavy graphics in flying speed.
      Fueled by games and applications that are video and 3D graphic intensive, Samsung GDDR5 memory solutions are designed to provide the optimized environment for heavy graphics.

      GDDR5 can achieve a data rate of up to 7 Gb/s per pin which translates to 32 GB/s for the complete memory chip. This is 2.7 times faster than GDDR3’s 2.6 Gb/s per pin and 10.4 GB/s.
      Enjoy vividness even at low-power levels.
      Enjoy the vividness even at low-power levels.
      Graphic cards need higher performance to accommodate 3D graphics and 4K resolution. The components running at higher clocks usually draw more power, resulting in higher energy costs. Samsung graphic DRAM enables high performance at low power levels.

      Samsung GDDR5 with 8Gb chips and 2xnm technology operates at 1.35V, 25% lower than that of GDDR3 at 1.8V, contributing to less power consumption.



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      Partnumber Density Organization Speed Package Refresh Interface Production Status
      K4G20325FD 2Gb 64Mx32 28, 03, 04 170FBGA 16K/32ms POD_15 EOL (Dec, 2015)
      K4G41325FC 4Gb 128Mx32 28, 03, 04 170FBGA 16K/32ms POD_15 Mass Production
      K4G80325FB 8Gb 256Mx32 25, 28, 03 170FBGA 16K/32ms POD_15 Mass Production
      K4G41325FE 4Gb 128Mx32 22, 25, 28,03 170FBGA 16K/32ms POD_15 Customer Sample

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