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      • Make your outstanding mobile device shine.

        Mobile DRAMMake your mobile device shine.

        Samsung will match your design plans to satisfy your customers with long-lasting performance in the size that you need.

      Discover the memory that frees you from density, size and energy efficiency concerns.

      Samsung helps you confidently meet the market demands for slimmer and diverse device sizes in smartphone, tablet, AI(Artificial Intelligence), VR/AR/MR, wearable and various other mobile devices. Take advantage of Samsung mobile DRAM, built specifically for devices to thrive in various package densities and size portfolios with an extended battery life.

      * VR : Virtual Reality, AR : Augmented Reality, MR : Mixed Reality
      Flexible to serve diverse size & density needs.
      Flexible to serve diverse size and density needs.
      To help you delight your customers with an increased range of design choices, Samsung mobile DRAM provides extensive flexibility in package size and density.

      Samsung LPDDR4X provides design versatility with a choice of thin and small form-factor packages such FBGAs, occupying minimal space as small as 8mmx10mm.

      We also offer various density choices. Samsung’s expertise in die stacking allows for up to 8 GB of mobile DRAM to fit into a single package.

      * FBGAs : Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Arrays

      Lasting longer unplugged with high power efficiency.
      Lasting longer unplugged with high power efficiency.
      Samsung mobile DRAM’s efficient power use helps mobile devices consume less energy without sacrificing performance. Now users can enjoy their mobiles even longer with extended battery life.

      Samsung LPDDR4X provides better power efficiency, performing 30% better than LPDDR4.



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      Partnumber Density Organization Speed Package Vdd & Vddq Temperature Production Status Application
      K3RG2G20CM-CGCJ 4444432 x64 3733Mbps 344FBGA 1.8V / 1.1V -25°C ~ 85°C Mass Production Smartphone
      K3UH5H50MM-NGCJ 4444432 x64 3733Mbps 366FBGA 1.8V / 1.1V -25°C ~ 85°C Mass Production Smartphone, Tablet
      K3UH6H60AM-NGCJ 4444448 x64 3733Mbps 366FBGA 1.8V / 1.1V -25°C ~ 85°C Mass Production Smartphone, Tablet
      K3UH7H70MM-NGCJ 4444464 x64 3733Mbps 366FBGA 1.8V / 1.1V -25°C ~ 85°C Mass Production Smartphone


      • Temperature & Power
        • C: Commercial Temp.(0℃~85℃) & Normal Power
        • I: Industrial Temp.(-40℃~90℃) & Normal Power
      • Speed
        • PB: DDR4-2133 (1066MHz @ CL=15, tRCD=15, tRP=15)
        • RC: DDR4-2400 (1200MHz @ CL=17, tRCD=17, tRP=17)
        • TD: DDR4-2666 (1333MHz @ CL=19, tRCD=19, tRP=19)
        • RB: DDR4-2133 (1066MHz @ CL=17, tRCD=15, tRP=15)
        • TC: DDR4-2400 (1200MHz @ CL=19, tRCD=17, tRP=17)
        • WD: DDR4-2666 (1333MHz @ CL=22, tRCD=19, tRP=19)


      • Temperature & Power
        • C: Commercial Temp.(0℃~85℃) & Normal Power(1.5V)
        • Y: Commercial Temp.(0℃~85℃) & Low Power(1.35V)
        • M: Industrial Temp.(-40℃~95℃) & Normal Power
      • Speed
        • F7: DDR3-800 (400MHz @ CL=6, tRCD=6, tRP=6)
        • F8: DDR3-1066 (533MHz @ CL=7, tRCD=7, tRP=7)
        • H9: DDR3-1333 (667MHz @ CL=9, tRCD=9, tRP=9)
        • K0: DDR3-1600 (800MHz @ CL=11, tRCD=11, tRP=11)
        • MA: DDR3-1866 (933MHz @ CL=13, tRCD=13, tRP=13)
        • NB: DDR3-2133 (1066MHz @ CL=14, tRCD=14, tRP=14)


      • Temperature & Power
        • I: Industrial Temp.(-40℃~90℃) & Normal Power
      • Speed
        • F8: DDR2-1066 (533MHz @ CL=7, tRCD=7, tRP=7)
        • E7: DDR2-800 (400MHz @ CL=5, tRCD=5, tRP=5)
        • F7: DDR2-800 (400MHz @ CL=6, tRCD=6, tRP=6)
        • E6: DDR2-667 (667MHz @ CL=5, tRCD=5, tRP=5)

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