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      PC DRAM M471A5143EB0


      Samsung DDR4 SODIMM operates at significantly low voltages, and is thus used on almost all mobile and battery-powered devices. As the world’s largest semiconductor memory manufacturer, Samsung has the widest range of SODIMMs for deployment on the broadest range of applications, such as portable/mobile computers, networking hardware, and smartphones, among others. Samsung SODIMMs are optimized to deliver the highest performance at the lowest power consumption levels in the smallest form factors, offering maximum reliability for the end application. They are the default choice for designers, system integrators, and OEMs for the majority of notebook and mobile computers across the globe.

      In addition to SODIMM’s features, DDR4 memory is available as SOIMM. Samsung DDR4 SDRAM is the new generation of high-performance, power-efficient memory. As the semiconductor memory is widely used in current generation computers, DDR4 is considered the industry standard commercial version of DRAM memory. Advancements in semiconductor design, development, and fabrication processes have enabled the development of high-performance DRAM memory, making the design of devices and applications, such as ultra-thin notebook computers, possible. Progressive developments in DRAM memory have resulted in newer versions operating at lower voltages, resulting in increasing levels of power savings. By leveraging the full potential of Samsung DDR4, you can increase computing performance, while consuming less energy.


      PC DRAM > DDR4 SODIMM > M471A5143EB0

      Production Status
      Mass Production
      4 GB
      No. of Pin
      Bank/ Interface
      16B /POD
      Component Composition


      • Temperature & Power
        • C: Commercial Temp.(0℃~85℃) & Normal Power
        • I: Industrial Temp.(-40℃~95℃) & Normal Power
      • Speed
        • PB: DDR4-2133 (1066MHz @ CL=15, tRCD=15, tRP=15)
        • RC: DDR4-2400 (1200MHz @ CL=17, tRCD=17, tRP=17)
        • TD: DDR4-2666 (1333MHz @ CL=19, tRCD=19, tRP=19)


      • Temperature & Power
        • C: Commercial Temp.(0℃~85℃) & Normal Power(1.5V)
        • Y: Commercial Temp.(0℃~85℃) & Low Voltage(1.35V)
        • M: Industrial Temp.(-40℃~95℃) & Low Voltage(1.35V)
      • Speed
        • F7: DDR3-800 (400MHz @ CL=6, tRCD=6, tRP=6)
        • F8: DDR3-1066 (533MHz @ CL=7, tRCD=7, tRP=7)
        • H9: DDR3-1333 (667MHz @ CL=9, tRCD=9, tRP=9)
        • K0: DDR3-1600 (800MHz @ CL=11, tRCD=11, tRP=11)
        • MA: DDR3-1866 (933MHz @ CL=13, tRCD=13, tRP=13)
        • NB: DDR3-2133 (1066MHz @ CL=14, tRCD=14, tRP=14)


      • Temperature & Power
        • I: Industrial Temp.(-40℃~95℃) & Normal Power
      • Speed
        • F8: DDR2-1066 (533MHz @ CL=7, tRCD=7, tRP=7)
        • E7: DDR2-800 (400MHz @ CL=5, tRCD=5, tRP=5)
        • F7: DDR2-800 (400MHz @ CL=6, tRCD=6, tRP=6)
        • E6: DDR2-667 (667MHz @ CL=5, tRCD=5, tRP=5)

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